Does Unplugging to Recharge Really Work?

By Ross Rutman, Assistant Vice President – Habitational The modern world of technology can be overwhelming at times, with information overload hitting you from every direction. Little wonder, therefore, that there’s a growing trend to...

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Why Self-Care is Crucial for True Success

By Barry Fields, Vice President – Employee Benefits Whether you are a leader, an employee, or starting up your own business, the chances are that you don’t make enough time for self-care. Modern society tends...

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Live Well, Work Well – July 2019

Going Camping? Here’s the Rundown of What You Need to Know As the temperatures rise and the days become longer, many Americans will head out on camping adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned camping pro or...

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Eat Dessert First

By Ken Hager, COO My father used to tell us all of the time, “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.” As kids, we really didn’t understand the meaning behind those words, but we were willing...

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Proactively Thinking

By Ken Hager, COO What does it mean to be proactive? Being proactive requires advanced thought and preparation, something that many of us don’t take the time to implement. Why is being proactive more important...

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It’s All A Bunch of B.S.!

By Ryan Fleming, Director – Habitational Group We’ve all heard stories involving feats of superhuman strength, bravery or intelligence where people were able to lift a car to free a trapped child or run into...

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Wellness in the Workplace

By Alicia Ambrose, Marketing Associate In every aspect of life one can only perform to the best of one’s ability when all aspects of the mind, body and spirit are nurtured. Today’s forward-thinking companies understand...

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That Sunny August Day That Changed My Life

By Ryan Hager, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines It was your typical Florida morning in the month of August. It was so hot and humid that when you left the safety of the air-conditioned...

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Distracted Driving And Crash Avoidance Systems

By Eric Wokas CSP, Risk Control Consultant One solution to the problem of distracted driving is an array of new technologies that assist the driver with warnings or automatic braking to avoid or mitigate a...

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My Last 120 Days, A Look Back

By Conor Moran, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines My last 120 days in the insurance industry have been a tremendous learning experience to say the least. In the Fall I traveled to Hanover, Maryland,...

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Breaking into the Insurance Industry

By Conor Moran, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines A Millennials Point of View When I graduated from the College of Charleston I had plans to take on the world. Funny thing was, I wasn’t...

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Superstorm Sandy: Five Years Later

By Ryan Hager, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines The 1,000 Year Storm October 29th, 2012 is a day that will forever be ingrained into the memories of both residents of New Jersey and business...

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