Proactively Thinking

By Ken Hager, COO What does it mean to be proactive? Being proactive requires advanced thought and preparation, something that many of us don’t take the time to implement. Why is being proactive more important...

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Foreign Supplier Verification Program

By Gwenyth Luu, Director – Commercial Lines Americans want assurances the food they’re consuming is safe. It’s estimated that 15 percent of the country’s food supply, including half of fresh fruit, 20 percent of vegetables,...

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Workplace Drug Testing in the Age of Legalized Marijuana

By Eric Wokas, Risk Control Consultant According to the US Food and Drug Administration, marijuana is a controlled substance. Other federal agencies including OSHA and nongovernmental groups such as workers’ compensation underwriters all support firm...

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It’s All A Bunch of B.S.!

By Ryan Fleming, Director – Habitational Group We’ve all heard stories involving feats of superhuman strength, bravery or intelligence where people were able to lift a car to free a trapped child or run into...

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Wellness in the Workplace

By Alicia Ambrose, Marketing Associate In every aspect of life one can only perform to the best of one’s ability when all aspects of the mind, body and spirit are nurtured. Today’s forward-thinking companies understand...

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Association Funding

By Ross Rutman, Assistant Vice President – Habitational Is your Association properly funded? Most likely it is not! Funding Community Association operations is the most vital responsibility of every Association Board, yet so many Associations...

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Why HRAs are Becoming More Important than Ever

By Barry Fields, Vice President – Employee Benefits Between rising healthcare costs and healthcare reform efforts, there’s no question the employee benefits landscape is continually changing — and keeping the hands of benefits managers full....

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The Cost of Noncompliance

By Meaghan Tyndale-Williams, Vice President – Commercial Lines Do You Know Your Organization’s Responsibilities Before and After a Cyber Breach? Many states have established their own laws regarding the actions a company must take after...

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Employer Mandate Requirements

By Barry Fields, Vice President – Employee Benefits The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun to notify employers via a letter (Letter 226J) containing several attachments that a company may owe a penalty for failing...

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That Sunny August Day That Changed My Life

By Ryan Hager, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines It was your typical Florida morning in the month of August. It was so hot and humid that when you left the safety of the air-conditioned...

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Atypical Umbrella Claims

By Ken Hager, COO Do You Have Enough “Sleep Insurance”? I am often asked what is the proper insurance limit a company should purchase: $1,000,000? $5,000,000? $10,000,000? Or perhaps no umbrella at all? What do...

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Single-Premium Life: An Innovative Solution For Businesses Succession, Deferred Compensation, and Estate Planning

By John E. McEnery, Board of Directors A single-premium life insurance is exactly what it sounds like. You pay a one-time premium at the beginning of the contract and you never have to pay for...

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