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In 2022, with cyber and ransomware attacks increasing every year, and with the added risk of COVID and so many employees working from home, Cyber Insurance is an absolute necessity.

Whether you’re a small business or a giant corporation – you’re a target.

According to a survey, a majority of companies were hit by ransomware attacks last year, and this doesn’t even include other cyber-attacks like breaking into networks, social engineering, or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are increasingly common. Ask a business owner or CTO if they’ve experienced one of the above mentioned cyberattacks, and the answer is almost guaranteed to be “yes” or even “several times.”

You might be thinking, “our IT team has it covered

But even the most experienced cyber security experts will tell you that all it takes – and how it usually starts – is a single employee clicking a phishing link. They’ll also tell you how amazingly easy it is to call an employee and pose as the IT department, citing a common story like a policy has been updated and they need to provide the “IT specialist” with their current password so they can update their systems.

You may also be thinking “our company is too small to afford a dedicated cyber security team.” This is all the more reason to acquire cyber insurance coverage. take out a cyber insurance policy for included risk assessments, and for coverage and deployed personnel and systems in the event you do experience a cyberattack. Having a partner alongside you to manage and perform risk assessments is crucial for every business, no matter the size or industry.

Enter JGS: A broker that can customize the perfect policy for all your company’s cyber needs.

JGS is in a perfect position to provide you with the best cyber insurance coverage for your company’s needs. Our partners-first, providers-second approach to insurance means that we work with your company on a regular basis, and to fully understand the ins and outs of your business. We also work with many of the top cyber insurance carriers, so we can both customize the perfect coverage solution for your company without breaking the bank.


Included in our coverage is a risk assessment and threat consulting with some of the best cyber security engineers in the business. We need to know your network security risks as much as you do, Our team will take a deep dive into understanding your network and security risks – not only to provide you with the best solution, but to help you mitigate those risks to save both your company and ours as much money as possible in the event of a cyberattack; ultimately saving your businesses time, money, and worry. The better your cyber security is, the less risk, and the lower we can keep your rates.


Cyber Incident Response

Engineers to run reverse-engineering and forensics. Attorneys to advise you on compliance issues and best practices. PR Firms to help craft your messaging to affected clients, and work with media to maintain your reputation and exposure.


We help reimburse costs resulting from funds transfer fraud, theft of executive funds, ransomware payments, and stolen cryptocurrencies. We’ll also help reimburse you for regulatory fines and penalties, including PCI fines and costs.

System Damage

Recovering from a cyber attack often means installing brand new hardware to replace all potentially compromised systems. We’ll cover payments Depending on your policy, our carrier partners can cover payments for data deconstruction and reverse engineering.

Cyber Risk & Liability

o We’ll provide a full analysis of risk and liability for network security, privacy, media, and management and D&O liability.

Additional Enhancements & Offerings ​

Cyberattacks, especially ransomware, can be devastating. Within hours we can have a 24/7 incident response advice hotline up and running for any questions you have or for any concerned clients who want to know how they’ll be affected.

alert users of stolen credentials tied to your company the moment they’re posted
We will continuously monitor your infrastructure for any exposed RDP ports, send you automatic texts or emails the moment we find them. o Phishing Simulation – Employees usually forget one-time phishing awareness training.
Employees usually forget one-time phishing awareness training. Not only can we educate your staff, but we can run frequent test phishing emails and calls to keep your staff on their toes. Sometimes the real lessons are in the mistakes we make.
It’s hard to encrypt your data and make it useless when it’s 100% backed up off-site.
We have a full library of short, fun video episodes on real hacks, gamified to engage your employees, with a summary of where the mistake was made. Sometimes it’s as small as a secretary responding to a CEO’s email address with one extra letter in it with a full email signature!